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The Rochet story is a tale of passion that starts with an exceptional man – Joseph Rochet. After starting out as a apprentice in a Paris Jewellery shop at the age of 13, Rochet quickly rose up through the ranks to become a professional Jewellery Craftsman just two short years later, in 1904. In 1907, when he was only 18, he became a Master Craftsman in Geneva. In 1909 he entered into partnership with Edmond Zuccolo, and the pair launched their own creations.

At the age of 20, Joseph Rochet had already acquired unique,  acknowledged know-how in the manufacture of chains made of precious metal (gold, platinum and silver) and has spent the better part of the next forty creating innovative, high quality jewellery. Soon the industrial era would lead to the widespread use of more common metals (brass and copper) with which Rochet created world famous collections of rings, necklaces, pendants and bracelets. The two partners, having a keen interest in new trends, have now become manufacturers of jewellery on an industrial scale. They set about modernizing the plant they had opened in Annecy Haute-Savoie in 1919, and made increasing use of steel. Thus, after reigning supreme for millennia, gold and silver were faced with competition from steel in the 1950s – competition which has increased considerably in the 90s.

Steel is difficult to work and steel jewellery takes more time and money to develop and is a “headache” for technicians whose job is the breathe life into designers’ creations. It was by no means a foregone conclusion that stainless steel would “carve out” a place for itself in the exclusive world of jewellery.

In 2001, after painstaking researches, Rochet succeeded in shaping steel to offer consumers its wonderful physical properties, brightness, durability and io-compatibility. More recently our base of knowledge has been performed with new and technological materials such as ceramic, tungsten, titan, carbon fibber and composite. Since 10 years Rochet serves the jewellery world with new creations, know-how, exclusive products, and technological materials.  In 2010, Rochet takes a small step in watches’ world with a first collection, quickly completed, which includes now 80 models. Rochet proposes today a global offer of men’s jewels, watches and accessories. In May 2010 the brands opens its first own store -“Rochet Store” – in Annecy, Haute-Savoie. Some others will soon see the light of day.

The know-how and passion for the jewellery has been passed down form generation to generation. With 107 years of history behind it, Rochet is now one of the most innovative brands in the world.

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